Time I updated this page.  These are the people and things that have helped me so far, and stuff I find interesting.  In no particular order!

Kinetic Velo.  Ben Price has helped me a lot since I started.  He’s ridden with me, coached me, introduced me to some top quality riders that I’d never have been able to ride with otherwise, listened to me babbling on about crap and picked me up when stuff hasn’t gone right.  Generally he says I should do stuff one way, I ignore him and then he turns out to be right.

Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching.  I’ve been coached by Matt since October 2014.  If you have any knowledge of the UK TT scene, you can’t not have heard of him.  As well as being a fantastic cyclist, he’s also a very nice chap.  He sends me emails a lot telling me how great I am, which is simultaneously bizarre, amusing and very motivating.

Current BBAR (British Best All-Rounder) Adam Topham’s time trialling book, Fly Through the Pain Barrier.  If you’re new to TTing, or even fairly new to intermediate, you must read this book.  I went from zero to zero plus a bit (21:06 for 10, 54:55 for 25) within one season, and a lot of that is because of this book.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Buy it.  Read it.  Follow the advice therein.  Be a much better TTer than you would have been otherwise.  Considering the cost of TT equipment, it is a steal.  Seriously, buy this book.  Adam also has a new book on the way, Dig Deepest.  Over on that site there’s also a forum.

The UK Time Trialling forum.  A mine of information.  It doesn’t have the best search function, I’ve found, but if you search google and include the text, there’s usually a thread about the subject you’re after (so long as it’s TT related!)  There’s many helpful users on there, including the aforementioned Mr. Topham, plus some of the other top riders in the UK’s community.  If my internet connection was limited to one site, it’d be this one. (ahem)  Strictly speaking this is a triathlon forum, but the training methodologies and gear are pretty much the same, so it’s a really useful resource.  There’s loads on cycling on this site. Again a triathlon site, a mix of reviews and articles about fancy kit.  They also manufacture and sell a line of lovely cycling parts, including the Tririg Omega brake that adorns the front of my bike. The website of my club

If anyone wants to suggest links for this page, give me a shout 🙂

  1. Need a update! What do you think about the Flow wheels?

    • Haha yes indeed. Sorry I have not updated for ages. I will update after this weekend, I have a race on Saturday. Flo wheels are good, definitely faster than my old 90mm Pro-Lite Vicenzas, probably about 15-20 seconds faster over 10 miles. I will write more on this, promise! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to it!

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