My Kit

For 2015 once again I will be riding my BMC TM02 in 2015, though it is much upgraded. These days it is sporting 3T Ventus II bars and SRAM R2C shifters (Red rear mech, 105 front – SRAM front mechs don’t fit on the BMC). Other than that, I’m still using my Flo clincher wheels (60 front, disc rear) and Power2Max Rotor 3D+ cranks. I sit on a ISM Adamo Road saddle these days. I love Adamo saddles and the road is most comfortable for me, and also it allows me to push my saddle really far back. I am changing tyres for 2015 on Matt’s advice.


In 2014 I will be riding the same bike I did last year, the BMC TM02 105 2012 model.  Here’s a pic:

BMC TM02 01

As the name implies, the groupset is Shimano’s 105.  It’s nothing special, it works.

I have a Power2Max power meter, mounted on Rotor 3d+ cranks (172.5mm).  I’ve had this for nearly a year now, and it has been utterly faultless.  I swap it back and forth between my TT and road bikes at least once per week.  I need another one, really.  To display and record power data (along with speed, cadence and heart rate) I use a Garmin Edge 500.  It’s a little idiosyncratic, but overall a very good computer.

The wheels on the bike are Flo clinchers, 60mm front, disc rear, shod with Continental GP4000S tyres.  They’re good wheels.  I imported them (as you have to) from the USA, direct from the manufacturer.  They were much cheaper than the equivalent Zipp or Hed wheels.  I suspect they are nearly, if not as aerodynamic.  They are heavier, but that’s not really an issue on the relatively flat courses I ride.

Bars are USE Tula.  I bought them second hand from someone on the TT forum.  I think they are very aero, but they suffer from being not very height-adjustable.  I might change them for some bars with stacking spacers for the arm pads, like these as modelled by our famous knight!

I use an ISM Adamo Prologue saddle.  My position is reasonably aggressive, quite low at the front and with a relatively tight hip angle.  I can’t get comfortable on anything else.

My race suit is the St. Ives Cycling Club kit.  It’s made by Kalas.  Its a brilliant skinsuit.  Very well made and seems very durable.  Here’s a pic of me racing:


As you can see, last year I  used a Kask Bambino helmet.  Following a wind tunnel session in November, I will be switching to a Giro Selector for 2014.  It was marginally quicker in the tunnel.  The Kask is a fab helmet though, very comfortable and great visibility. (Giro Selector on my bonce below)


When I grow up I would really like a Canyon Speedmax! (see below) Maybe if I hit one of my ludicrous goals…

Until then, the BMC will do just fine.  It’s miles faster than I am and there is no real need for me ever to upgrade.  Not unless there is a significant shift in technology.  Which there often is, these days!

  1. If your’re ever thinking of selling your BMC I would be interested!

  2. The HED Corsair bars are awesome

  3. Nice! I’ve got SRAM Return-2-Centre shifters on my TT bike. Wasn’t convinced when I specced them on the build but glad I did in the end. What new tyres do you plan on using? You’ve certainly laid down some fast times so I recon you deserve that delicious Speedmax! 😉

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