As I write in December 2014, I’m two months into training for next season. I have a coach now (how grand!) – Matt Bottrill – and I’m working away on the sessions set by him. I gotta get under 20 minutes, although I’m planning on riding more local sporting races than going PB hunting on the drag strips. There will still be the odd opportunity for a crack at a 19 though 😉

2014 was pretty good for me, though I missed my main target of a sub 20 minute 10. I got fairly close, posting 20:02, 20:04, 20:07 and 20:12 on various fast courses throughout the summer. In the end I fell short, and that’s ok with me. It shouldn’t come easy. I did manage to finish consistently in the top 5 in local races, with 3rd place in the VTTA 10 mile race on the E2 course in September being my best placing. One regret is that I didn’t ride a 25 mile race on a fast course in 2014, I will try and do that next year but already – even though the handbook hasn’t yet been released – next year is looking very full.

I’m planning to base my season around the N&DCA points competition, mainly because they are local races, but also because there’s a good variety of courses and you get to race against familiar faces so you can check progress.

Jan 2014

I’m in training for my second season as a TTer.  I had a really good first season.  I didn’t know how fast I would be, and the answer to that turned out to be not very fast, but not bad.  Better than I thought I’d be.  I will be 42 in the next couple of years and have gone my entire life being useless at endurance sports.  But since I got into TTing I have (generally) trained consistently, paid attention to detail and bought good kit.  This seems to have worked well.  I made big strides last year, but this year I have some quite ambitious goals.  I’m not going to tell you what they are, because I will look a right tit if I don’t get anywhere near them.  If I get near, or achieve any of them, you’ll be able to read about it on these pages 🙂

First season (2013) records of note:

  • Best 10: 21:06 (E2/10)
  • Best 25: 54:55 (E2/25)
  • Local course, Sawtry: 22:35 (N1/10)

E2 is a dual carriageway course down near Newmarket/Cambridge.  Dual carriageways are fast!


My name is Carl and this is a blog about my journey into time trialling.

I’m a reasonably keen, totally amateur cyclist. Until now I’ve ridden my bikes entirely for fun and fitness, or to get to work. As my mid-life crisis kicks into gear I decided my cycling needed a purpose. I could try racing, but to my uninitiated eye it seems quite aggressive and sometimes random – one’s final position often dictated by being in the right break at the right time. But what do I know?

Time trialling appeals to me because it’s the most basic form of competition: just you against the wind. You don’t really know what other competitors are doing, you’ve got to just do the best you can. Also, because it entails riding at an almost constant pace, outside of the conditions and topography of the course, there isn’t much variability. Therefore, small things matter. I’m not very good at a lot of things, but one thing I do have is an eye for detail. So I will be obsessing over aerodynamics, kit, performance, measurements etc. And blogging about them here.

At the time of writing I have just bought my first time trial bike. I have never actually competed in a time trial, I just fancy it. About 3 years ago I did take myself along to the local club 10 mile course to have a go, just by myself (not on an organised event). I had my old, regular road bike then, just an aluminium framed racing bike, no aero bars. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was around 29:30. I’d set myself the target of going under 30 mins (i.e. averaging 20mph) so I was pleased enough about that at the time.

  1. Hi Carl
    Just found your blog and I will read it with interest. I have been road racing for the past 6 years and took up TTing last October as Criteriums here in Australia had become a little bit too dangerous for me. I now road race during our winter and TT during the Summer. Good luck for the season and keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Carl. I noticed you also use Power2max power meter. I’m thinking about doing the same thing but I use my iPhone 6 and MapMyRide to keep track of my devices (Bluetooth). Power2max only supports ANT+ so I’m thinking about using Wahoo’s RFLKT+ as the gateway. By any chance would you know if MapMyRide will pickup the signals from the power meter (watts, cadence, speed) through the RFKLT+? It would be nice to know before I purchase the power meter and the RFLKT+.



    • Hi Bing. I sometimes use my Power2Max and other ANT+ devices via the Wahoo Fitness app on my iPhone 5S, using a RFLKT+. It works well…mostly. Sometimes I have to delete my devices from the app and re-connect them, which is a bit annoying. The technology is brilliant when it works well, but it’s not really reliable compared to a Garmin Edge 500. The Power2Max is brilliant though. I can’t recommend it enough. I could use another actually, as I continually have to swap the cranks back and forth between bikes.

      • Thanks Carl. I might just go ahead make the purchase. I was hoping power2max will release a bluetooth version but they said it’s not on their roadmap at the moment. I see more and more of BLE devices and I’m thinking that might be the future so that’s where I’m putting my investment.

  3. Hello Carl, as per other posts I was interested to read your experiences. I have just bought a basic Planet X TT bike, doing triathlons, but looking for some 10 mile TT’s to add some cycling specific races. My cycling is pretty poor, about 32 mins 10m tt last time, but from seeing your improvements over a few years I am really enthused!! Cheers Tim

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