Awards evening

Two posts in two days.  You lucky few.  On Saturday night, St. Ives CC held it’s annual awards night at the Dolphin Hotel in St. Ives.  It was my first experience of Rollapaluza.  This is a fun competition where two riders compete in a sprint on fixed-wheel bikes mounted on rear-wheel rollers, the races being timed and the distance covered by each rider displayed on a large Countdown-style clock visible to everyone.  Good fun, but sprinting is not my discipline.  It’s simply a test of leg speed as much as anything else.  Overall fastest was Jason Kierman (pictured) with a best time of 22.71 seconds for 500 metres, and a peak cadence (how fast your legs go round) of 193 rpm.  My time was 24.63 which put me in 6th place, with peak cadence of 184 rpm.


Photo pinched from Rollapaluza’s Facebook gallery of the event, hope they don’t mind!

There’s photos and so-on on our Facebook page and the Rollapaluza Facebook gallery and here for the results.

As for the awards, I won best 10 mile TT (any age) and best 10 mile TT (veteran) for my 19:37 on V718 near Hull in August, best 25 mile TT for the 49:50 on R25/3L in South Wales in September and Best 50 mile TT for the 1:45:38 on E2/50c at Newmarket in June.


Separately I had a nice surprise in the post, a certificate to say that the St. Ives team of Luke Hattersley, Mick Hodson and myself beat the Northants & District association team record in their September event on the F15/10 course at Brogborough.  Justin Layne took the outright solo record with 19:39 in the same event.



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  1. Hello Son, Cups & Certificates ! you will be charging for autographs next. Cheers Carl. Dad

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