Recent happenings

Although I have been neglecting the blog, mainly because I have no more races this year, I haven’t been sitting idle.  I have managed to get going on the turbo once again in the past few weeks.  If you’ve read the blog from the beginning, you might remember I used the turbo trainer a lot in my first few months of training, up until mid-May.  After that I seemingly lost the ability to train at the level I had before, even though results showed I was getting faster.  By the summer I was quite demoralised with it and stopped using it completely.

Well, in the past few weeks I have got started again.  My race bike isn’t going to see much outdoor action for the next few months, so there is no choice.  I decided that I wanted to start next season in better condition than I ended this one.  That way if I can keep improving I should be able to better my times from last year.  To do this will require a lot of work, so  I am not planning to have an off-season as such.  Instead I am going to train steadily, trying to avoid getting anywhere near burnout, but putting in the quality and volume that hopefully will make me gradually fitter.

And I have discovered my earlier problem with the turbo: it is temperature.  The past few weeks, especially the past fortnight, have been noticeably cooler.  As it gets cooler, performance goes up.  The odd warm day, I cannot make the power.  I’m 99% sure this is the cause.  I must be the only person in Britain now praying for cold weather at the weekends!

In other news, I decided to take the leap and invest in a wind tunnel session.  Primarily because I want to be as fast as I can with the limited engine I have.  I chatted to a couple of top riders during the season who really are on a different planet to me.  Their power figures, however, aren’t.  They are higher, for sure, but one chap in particular, who has paid a great deal of attention to aerodynamics, is fully 2 minutes faster than me.  His power figures suggest that all other things being equal, he should be 30 seconds faster.  But the other things are not equal.  And they may not be able to be made equal by a session in the wind tunnel.  I might go there and end up with little theoretical gain.  Or I might come away with a high theoretical gain but be unable to turn that into performances on the road.  So it’s a gamble, but I want to get as close as possible to my potential, so I think it’s a gamble worth taking.  The actual goings-on in the wind tunnel are confidential, riders are not allowed to divulge the details of what they learn, so I won’t be able to explain fully what happens.  But I will at least post my thoughts on the session in late November.

After a pretty poor end to the season, I feel as if I am on an upward curve once more 🙂

Sure it won’t last long!


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  1. Wind tunnel session!
    Can’t wait for your post on that and if it is actually worth the money.

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