Things you learn about your bike…

Last week I bought some wheels on eBay.  Used, 90mm carbon tubulars.  In case you don’t know, tubular wheels are different from those we’re used to.  The tubular tyres are just that:  tubes.  A latex innertube with the tyre carcass sewn around it.  You attach the tyre to the wheel using glue, or sticky tape.  I chose glue.  Lesson number 1.  Stress.  Mess.

I noticed that the rear wheel is slightly out of true.  Of course I didn’t spot it until after I’d glued the tyre.  The spoke nipples are internal, you have to remove the tyre to true the wheel.  The tyre I’ve just glued.  Lesson number 2.  It stays wobbly for the foreseeable.

I also bought some carbon-specific brake pads.  Carbon wheels require a different brake compound to aluminium wheels.  When I was selecting the bike, I read some stuff about the rear brake being difficult to access, but I ignored all that.  Lesson 3.  The rear brake is a V-type brake, mounted behind the bottom bracket.  Here’s a link to a photo of a similar bike to mine:

It’s a PITA to adjust, it doesn’t have any adjusters, you either have to move the cable clamp point, or else use some elaborate mechanism of spacers.  All well and good.  I found that in order to actually change the brake pads, something you might want to do reasonably frequently, especially if you’re swapping wheel sets, you have to remove the cranks!  This is quite a serious job, involving a lot of swearing and a rubber mallet.

I managed it, eventually.  I just took a photo for posterity, forgive the crappy iPhone 4 pic…


I had quite a good turbo ride yesterday.  I wanted to ride the TT bike on the road, but it’s cold.  I bought a new Sufferfest video, A Very Dark Place, it’s good!  Very useful intervals for time trials.  Here’s the link to the ride:

I also like the way trainerrooad tracks your ‘career’.  Maintaining your record wattages for different lengths of time.  See here:

Don’t read too much into the actual figures, I reckon they’re horses_t.  I might find out soon enough, I’m going to order a power meter.  More on that next week.



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