Improvement over last week

Last Thursday night I had a poor session – attempting to do a solid hour at 101% of FTP I declined badly in the second half.   This week I was hoping to do better.  As luck would have it I have been working at home the past couple of days and so I haven’t been commuting on the bike, neither have I done a spin class since Monday, so I had a solid 48 hours of physical rest since my Tuesday night interval session (see bottom of post).  Today I made sure I ate well, to take away any possibility of failure due to not being fuelled well enough.  I’d done all I could to prepare.

And the result was…success!  I managed to pretty much keep to the 260watt target the whole way through.  I’d decided that if I made it to 55 minutes, I would try and up the pace for the 5 remaining minutes, until the end.  I was able to do this.  Very satisfying.  The data is here and here’s a screenshot:


In other news, on Tuesday night I did the Sufferfest ‘There is no try’ video on Trainer Road.  It’s my interval session.  I like it, it’s fun in some respects, cycling along with Bradley & co.  Passes the time.  It’s not the exact protocol I’m looking for, but it’s not bad at all.  Data here, in case you’re interested.

I have some equipment news, too, which I plan to post about at the weekend.  I bought some tubular wheels on eBay for a song, and I’m going to be getting a power meter.  More on this tomorrow, or Saturday.


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  1. Carl, top work mate. Looks like you are improving all the time. It would be interesting to see how you’d fair on the hour of power first thing one morning, no breakfast, no carbs…as a reference. Go, punish yourself!

    • Hi Stu, thanks for the comment. Yeah, it would be an interesting exercise. I think it would come down to how well you had fed the day/night before, and how well trained the body is at using its residual carb/glycogen stores. One of the purposes of the 2 hour rides is to improve exactly that, although I do have breakfast first (but only say 5-600kcals, well short of the approx 1500 required for that kind of ride). It’s a real drag to motivate myself to do the HoP, it’s monotonous and stressful. I may ditch it in favour of a 30 min ride at 8-10% higher intensity.

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