integration with SufferFest videos

Last night I used the TrainerRoad software again, this time with one of my videos, There is no try.  Somebody, presumably at TrainerRoad or SufferFest, has gone in and created intervals that closely match those in the video.  SufferFest videos give you target perceived effort (e.g. 7.5/10) and cadence for each segment, and the TrainerRoad intervals have been created to match these in time and intensity, scaled to your power level.

It was a mostly good experience.  The workout intervals are well matched to the video intervals, sometimes there might be one or two seconds difference, but no big deal.  The only real problem I had was that I kept losing the sound of the video.  SufferFest videos are pro tour footage, set usually to banging dance tracks. The music is a key part.  But for large periods I wasn’t hearing the music.  I have since discovered that this is down to a bad connection between my headphones and the extension lead that runs to the computer.  Not related to the software at all.  The data for my ride is here, and there is a screenshot below:

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 21.14.25

It was quite hard work.  I could have gone slightly harder, I think.  Next time I will scale it to 101 or 102% of FTP to make it a little harder.  Ideally I want to be really fighting to keep up.

One interesting feature of TrainerRoad is their workout designer, where you can create workouts like the one above yourself, using a drag and drop style interface.  I’ve been playing about with that, designing a workout for Thursday night, based on the “pyramid intervals” described in Adam Topham’s book, a protocol that I followed last week (until I died on my arse, that is).  I will post about this, hopefully tomorrow, but there is the small matter of Real Madrid vs Manchester United in the way…


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  1. I’ve used Sufferfest with Trainerroad with great success – never dropped any sound at all (and I also have used with There is no try so it shouldn’t be a fault with the video there). It canes my computer running it all though I have to say!

    • Cool, good feedback, Sam. It might well be my connection – the interface between extension and earphones is right beneath my chin when I’m on the bike, so you can imagine…

  2. Yes, that’s not ideal! Just finished Adam Topham’s book – very enlightening I have to say! TT bike should be ordered this week, and I’ve entered my first event (a 10 at the end of May!)

    • Yeah, it’s good isn’t it? I just did a quick test, which perhaps I should have done before posting. It’s definitely the connection with the extension. I will amend the original post. What bike have you gone for? What event did you enter? I’m planning on doing my first on 20th April, but after that am looking for some events to enter…

  3. I am going for quite a basic bike with some decent wheels and likely getting a powermeter asap – It’ll be either the Fuji Aloha 1.0 or the Felt B16 depending on fit.

    The event is this one

    I’ve got to get the London Marathon out of the way first otherwise I’d probably target a late April event too.

  4. Thoughts on which powermeter? I plan to buy one, not withstanding the outrageous cost. But I keep flipping between hub-based, or crank-based, and then there’s pedal-based as well. Current favourite is Quarq, due to being crank-based so I can switch wheels, and not as expensive as SRM. There’s also a new crank-based one from Rotor which looks interesting, though I have read of teething troubles.

  5. I keep flipping between the Quarq and the Powertap hub based ones – it’s a minefield! The pedal ones are interesting, but seem a little less proven in that they’ve not been around for as long. I suspect it will come down to what I can get for what money to be honest. I’ve also seen a few rental sites that will sell you ex-rental ones which could be a good initial option…

  6. I have found that I have delay issues from time to time where the video “hiccups” fpr a second or two. It appears to be my laptop because I started storing my videos on a thumb drive and now they play perfectly. Might be worth a try if you are using a slightly older laptop.

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