Event planning

Sooner or later I must do an actual time trial.  Here in Peterborough we’re in the South Midlands District.  Looking at the calendar, there is a 10 miler scheduled for Saturday April 20th.  That’s 11 weeks from yesterday.  It also happens to be the closest course to where I live.  It’s about 45 minutes to an hour’s ride to the start line, so it’s quite easy for me to pedal there gently, ride the course properly, then try and pedal home.  I’m going to go for that one, I think.  In order to race, you have to be a member of a club, so I will join Peterborough Cycling Club.  I’ve been on a few of their club rides, good bunch of chaps.  Then I can register for the event (by post only, how quaint).

One problem is that I also promised myself that I’d ride in the Action Medical Research Peterborough 100 sportive, which starts about 100 metres from my front door.  However, it’s 6 days before the time trial.  I have never ridden anything like that distance before, my longest ever ride was today (see later post), 35 miles less than the sportive will be.  I can’t help but think the time trial will be compromised quite a bit by the 105 mile ride 6 days before?  Maybe it will serve as good training, but it’s quite different, 10 miles versus 105.  It means my training leading up to the two events will need to be split between longer rides to build endurance and teach the backside how to sit on a saddle for 6 hours+, and much shorter, intense sessions for the TT.


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