Initial weight target reached

At the end of October 2012, before I’d had the idea to have a go at time trials, I decided to lose some weight. Since University my weight has been up and down a lot. Mostly up. It ‘peaked’ (or should that be ‘troughed’?) at about 105kg (16.5 stones!) somewhere around the year 2000. At this point I was doing zero exercise and not looking after myself at all. It was around this time that my knee issues first surfaced. Coincidence? For context, I’m 1.85m (6’1″) tall. Reasonably big build, or so I’ve always told myself.

Around 2006 I weighed about 100kg (about 15.5-16 stones) and thought I’d better try and lose some weight and get fit. Since then I’ve been reasonably active and aware of my weight. It has been up and down, but mostly down, probably averaging around 90kg (still over 14 stones).

Forward to October 29th 2012, the start of my latest battle of the bulge, on the scales that morning I was 87.1kg. So I set myself the arbitrary target of losing 10kg. Target 77kg. I knew from past experience that I was able to lose 1kg per week for a good few weeks quite comfortably, so I set 7th Jan as my target date. I thought this would be pretty ambitious, because it’s hard to keep up the initial rate of loss for an extended period, and also there was the small matter of Christmas in the way. I didn’t want to be the one munching on only sprouts on Christmas day. Even though I love sprouts.

On the scale this morning, 2nd February 2013, I weighed 77.0kg. So I got there, albeit 4 weeks late. Here’s a picture, from the excellent, a website I use to record my weight. It’s good because it smoothes the data for you, to help you ignore the frustrating wild swings in daily measurement. I should add that I only use the site for weight measurement and I never click on any of the adverts on there, which are IMO complete hokum. I’ve learned how to lose weight, and it’s simple: create a calorie deficit; use more than you consume.

Weight chart to 2nd February 2013

The blue line is the smoothed data. The jaggedy green (or sometimes, unfortunately, red) line shows actual measured weights. It will take a while before the smoothed line hits 77kg, but I’m claiming that weight, today!


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