First turbo ride on BMC TM02

This morning I tried the bike for the first time. I’m only just starting to work out the position, so I’ll probably have a lot of changes to make. I decided to slam the front down as far as possible as a starting point, and see if I could ride it comfortably for 10 miles, simulating a 10 mile test. I managed it. I wouldn’t describe it as comfortable, but it wasn’t exactly uncomfortable either. I didn’t have any back or neck pain, or feel as though my hamstrings were overly stretched. Maybe this will be ok. My, um, undercarriage was in a better state than normal at the end, too. Normally I feel a bit Shania Twain by the end of a turbo session. Can’t feel it, it might as well not exist. But not on the TT bike. Probably due to a different saddle position.

Doing 10 miles on the turbo can’t be compared to a real time trial, unless you want to trust that the turbo’s resistance is akin to riding on the road. My turbo (Tacx Flow) is supposed to provide a road-like resistance level and it feels that way to me, but I can’t be sure. So measuring performance in this way is only useful to compare against other turbo sessions. I calibrate the resistance brake before and after every session, so it should be pretty constant and allow me to evaluate performance changes over time. Here’s the results:

  • Distance: 10.miles
  • Time: 27:03
  • Speed: average 22.2mph, max 29.6mph
  • Cadence: average 90rpm, max 114rpm
  • Power*: average 261watts, max 351 watts
  • Heart rate: average 157bpm, max 178bpm**
  • Calibration: 7 at the start, 9 at the end (ignore this, it’s just for my reference)

* This turbo does not have a power meter. I don’t know how it calculates power, I think it’s just calculated from resistance level and speed. It’s useful to record it to compare from session to session on the turbo, but nothing else.

** I never saw 178bpm. I’ve never seen more than 172bpm. But then this would occur right at the end of the session during the final sprint, when I’m kinda busy and distracted. I will look next time to see the heart rate right at the end.

The ‘wattage’ is similar to that which I have been able to sustain for this length of time before. I read that one of the problems with a more aerodynamic position is that it can rob you of power, at least until you acclimatise to it. That doesn’t seem to have happened, which is encouraging.


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