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Today I bought a time trial bike. It’s a 2012 BMC TM02 105. The base model BMC time machine, last year’s model. Bought in the sale, 15% off list. I am a skinflint when it comes to these things. I always want more for less. I bought it from Evans Cycles at London Bridge. It’s the closest Evans to my workplace. Anyway it looks like this:

BMC TM02 105 2012 model

BMC TM02 105 2012 model

The spec is pretty basic, especially the wheels. I will be upgrading to some deeper aero wheels in the not too distant future, probably Planet X carbon-faired clinchers (see comment above about me being ‘value-conscious’)

I rode it from London Bridge to Kings Cross and put it on the train. I only used the bullhorns, aero extensions on busy London streets when you’ve never ridden a bike like this before might not be such a good idea. Good job really, as I’ve noticed that Evans hadn’t tightened the left extension properly, it can be turned by hand. Cheers, Evans! I did know I wasn’t going to get a fantastic buying experience compared to a specialist, but still, at least tighten things up properly.


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  1. Out of interest which other bikes did you look at? I am thinking of getting a TT bike too, and there’s a lot of choice out there at the sub 2K price point. Have to say the Planet X Stealth looks a good buy for 1K as does the Boardman Air TT 9.0 for 2K. Also really like the look of the one you have!

    • Hi Sam, I also considered the Canondale Slice 105 and the Planet X Stealth and Exocet. I discounted the Xs largely because my road bike is Planet X and I wanted something different (only to have something different, I’m very happy with that bike). Also, the Stealth is an older frame compared to the Exocet, and I’d want the latest! I felt the Exocet was too well equipped for me – I only wanted basic components so I can upgrade to things I really want (wheels/power meter mostly). Even though I will probably buy PX wheels, I’m still unsure which ones. So between the Canondale and the BMC I just preferred the looks and brand of the BMC *shrug*.

  2. Makes sense! I think the PX Stealth would probably suit me quite well all in all and it represents a relatively modest investment and a reasonable base for upgrades (and I don’t already have a PX bike ;))

    Very very tempted….

    • Yes, the PX is outstanding value for money and is probably the bike I should have bought. But the BMC called to me and I’m a believer in buying the bike you love, even if its not the totally logical choice.

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