Hour of power

This is a photo I took of the spin bike screen at the end of my workout. I was roughly following Adam Topham’s ‘Hour of power’ session, which is just one hour at the maximum level you can sustain. The problem I have is that the machine does not measure power. So I am approximating using heart rate. I estimate my lactate threshold to be in the low 150s (bpm). I did a 10 minute easy warm up then cycled up to 150 bpm and kept my heart rate at or just above it for 50 minutes. I did let it creep up towards 160 in the last few minutes. Average was 144 because the warm up is included. I will reset it next time.



Posted on January 31, 2013, in Training. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Carl,
    Interesting. How do you estimate lactate threshold?

    • I’m no expert but I just used experience to find the point where I am working hard but not deteriorating. I had a V02 test in 2007 that pegged it at 145, but I’m quite a bit fitter now and my max heart is substantially higher than it was then.

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